The Best (Self) Defense is a Good Offense

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The Best (Self) Defense is a Good Offense


l If you're carrying a purse when walking, hold it close to your side. Don't carry it by the handle or strap if possible.

l When shopping, don't leave your purse, wallet, or phone unattended. Even if you're close by, don't leave it on the counter or in the shopping cart., Someone intending to steal your valuables can grab it and run away while you're watching!

l Try not to walk alone at night. But if you have to, avoid dark streets, wooded areas, dark parking lots, and construction areas. Always carry some type of personal self-defence item such as mace or a personal alarm.

l If you feel kike you're being followed, turn around and look. Then prepare to deal with it and get on your phone to call for help. 

l Make sure your car is locked when you park it and check the back seat before getting in the car to make sure nobody is in there.

l If someone has road rage related to you or if you think someone is following you while driving, drive to a police, fire or gas station, or to another well populated & well lit area. Don't drive home and remember your horn is a good alarm!

l Keep all your doors locked when driving.

l Always leave enough space between your car and the car ahead for quick escape when you're stopped in traffic.